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The R8000B Communications System Analyzer, a product of General Dynamics, is a portable and versatile Radio Frequency test instrument definitively constructed for the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Industry. The R8000B offers unsurpassed spectral purity in comparison to any other multipurpose instrument available and provides an unmatched residual FM specification of less than 4Hz. This radio system analyzer also presents an option for testing TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) communication systems used by law enforcement and other first responders.

The R8000B Communications System Analyzer features spectral purity, superior diagnostic abilities, and convenient portability, making it the leading instrument of its kind in the Land Mobile Radio industry. Furthermore, the R8000B offers a TETRA subscriber test option capable of conducting vital measurements such as Carrier Frequency Offset, Residual Carrier Power, Error Vector Modulation, Power Profile, Unwanted Adjacent Power, Loopback BER and Paging Sensitivity.

As the only portable comprehensive radio system analyzer capable of conducting every major LMR protocol, it is no wonder the R8000B Series Communications System Analyzers is an industry leader. This highly sought after communications system analyzer is extremely popular and effective with the capacity to store several hundred preset user settings. It truly is an all-purpose communications system analyzer as it features options to support all major digital protocols. Even more impressive is the ability to conduct web based control to watch every function through any PC. Additionally, firmware upgrades are always available for free for R8000B customers for as long as you have the instrument. Downloads for digital radio protocols and more are reliably easy and fast.

R8000B Series Features and Benefits

AutoTune Automated Test

The R8000’s AutoTune option outperforms all other manufacturer recommended tests and alignment procedures significantly faster than if they were performed manually for Motorola XTS2500/5000™ portables, XTL™ Series mobiles, and APX™ Series mobiles and portables.

With AutoTune, your R8000 automatically reads the radio model and serial numbers and makes the measurements and alignments needed to bring the radio within factory specifications. Ideal for large radio fleets with Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs, the AutoTune option records a complete record of your test session and allows you to build a complete test history of every radio in the fleet.

Tests Performed:

  • Bit Error Rate (BER)
  • Reference Frequency
  • RF Output Power
  • Reference Oscillator Alignment
  • Transmit Deviation Balance Alignment
  • Transmit Deviation Limit Alignment
  • Transmit Power Level Alignment
  • Rate Audio
  • Distortion
  • SINAD Sensitivity
  • Noise Squelch
  • Voice Modulation

More Information

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